Local Farmers

Local Farmers
Ackerman Certified Organic Farm -Chenoa, IL
Run by husband and wife, Ron and Nga (Angie) Ackerman, they provide us with fresh produce and herbs as well as wheat berries, wheat flour, soy beans, soy flour and corn meal.
Dearing Country Farms -Bloomington, IL
Located just west of town, Brad and Jackie Dearing provide us with very sought after eggs, chicken, beef and some fresh produce. They host Open Farm every Second Sunday from 2-4PM May through October.
PrairiErth Farm- Atlanta, IL
Located about 30 miles from Bloomington, PrairiErth is owned and operated by father-son team Dave and Hans Bishop. The farm is certified organic. The provide us with eggs, meat and fresh produce. Katie Bishop has an entertaining blog called “The Farmer’s Wife” and has published a cookbook available for sale at Common Ground.


The Cook Farm is part of the Legacy of the Land group.



We get produce from several of the farms in the group. Dylan Cook explains,

“Legacy of the Land, LLC is a group of family farms straddling McLean and Livingston counties. We formed in the winter of 2012 to provide a business, educational and community network that makes small-scale, sustainable farming a viable livelihood for more Central Illinois farm families. We raise our animals and grow our crops with care and are committed to providing chemical free, non-GMO products to our customers. Please feel free to write us for more information at: info@legacyoftheland.com.”

Henry’s Farm

One of the original organic farmers in Central Illinois.